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But every time I’ve used it, whatever I’ve been wearing or my partner has been wearing has wound up dusted in the stuff

It’s reasonably light, and you can carry a lot of it around with you if you like using lots of rope. Because it’s a natural fibre rope with decent tooth, you can do shibari and other styles of rope that rely on friction over knots, which is pretty great. It was very good quality and exactly what I wanted (Esinem Jute). Approximately 100 metres left of my Precious. The thinner it is, the more pressure will be concentrated on one spot, which leads to issues with circulation, nerve damage, general discomfort and bruising. Sometimes even scars, if the rope is thin enough and the pressure is applied forcefully enough. You don’t get great photo worthy ties with it; though you still get a restrained person, which is always good, and may be all you want in your photo. Summary:. Pro: Preferred for suspension as it doesn’t stretch as much and has more consistent stretch characteristics. Con: Doesn’t take dye as well.

And tastes and priorities may change, which is cool. Mine certainly have: I went from feeling “so-so” about hemp to loving it, just by getting a different supplier. However, there are some advantages and improvements with this one which I will go over. Pros:. Cons:. Price: Good jute tends to be fairly pricey.

Next we have a polypropylene webbing. Polypropylene with core intactPolypropylene Webbing (core removed). Pros:. Both breaking strain and rating provided. Tossa jute is just freaking amazing, and has given me very much the results that I wanted, when I wanted them. Yes, I had to break it in fairly extensively; but once that was done, it’s always served me well. It was very good quality and exactly what I wanted (Esinem Jute). Approximately 100 metres left of my Precious.

For some thoughts on what thicknesses and lengths you want, check out: Rope Lengths. If you love to color rope (think your partner would look hot in deep purple or something), nylon is also a good choice (pure nylon, not poly-blends with nylon, not poly-pro, poly doesn’t accept dye). Small knots; sits flat over skin. It comes in a range of different colours (I like black). But what I like really isn’t that important. Different people will have different priorities.

It’s not hugely expensive. It has this really interesting feature; with the core removed, it actually sits quite flat on the skin, which is why I refer to it as webbing. Depending on the source of your rope, it can be a real pain in the ass of a rope for a beginner, because the knots in what I got from the 1-8 dollar shop compact down like you wouldn’t believe. You can spend ages trying to unpick those things, which leads to swearing and frustration and a general lack of cool. It’s just stiff and cumbersome and not fun. However, once I removed the core, that changed things considerably (If you want to know how to remove the core, send me a message or something and I’ll update). You don’t need to spend a lot of time maintaining it after the initial treatment. It actually polishes up and becomes shinier and smoother with use. Due to that same lack of friction as mentioned above, you can’t really use hitches or friction based means to lock off tension the way you can with natural fibre ropes of greater tooth. You’re going to need knots, which will take a tiny bit longer.