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Price of attendance

Price of attendance

The expense of attendance can be an estimate of academic costs and it is centered on average instead of real costs for various types of pupils. Universities are just allowed to approve up to ‘reasonable’ costs with all the price of attendance being for education, maybe maybe not for luxuries. The University determines the price of attendance which can be the sum of the the allowable costs, for the year that is academic shown below:

Allowable expenses

Tuition costs:

Charges are susceptible to review while increasing for a basis that is annual.

Numbers to be utilized in expense of attendance calculations:

  • Undergraduate student residing in University-managed accommodation: ?10,033 (?278.70 per x 36 weeks week)
  • Undergraduate pupil renting within the sector that is private ?9,925 (?275.70 each week x 36 months)
  • Graduate pupil surviving in University-managed accommodation: ?14,492 (?278.70 per week x 52 days)
  • Graduate pupil renting when you look at the personal sector: ?14,336 (?275.70 each week x 52 months)
Tuition charges is available regarding the University’s site: https: //www. Sussex.ac.uk/study/fees-funding/tuition-fees
a dysfunction of approximated living expenses, including accommodation, are obtainable from the University’s website: http: //www. Sussex.ac.uk/study/fees-funding/living-costs