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Intercourse attack test shows perils ladies face in today’s modern world

Intercourse attack test shows perils ladies face in today’s modern world

Today a Toronto sex assault trial shows just how scary the world can be for young women.

TORONTO — There’s a trial taking place in the downtown Toronto courthouse which, nevertheless it is settled, delivers a lesson that is sharp the prospective perils associated with the contemporary globe for ladies.

Two men, 27-year-old Patrick Sikorski and 30-year-old Daniel Griffiths, are accused of intimate attack, administering a noxious substance with intent to commit a intimate attack and committing a gang assault that is sexual.

They’ve been both pleading not liable, and Wednesday, in conclusion arguments, their attorneys, Eddie Greenspan and David Humphrey, ferociously attacked the prosecution’s instance and described the alleged victim being a dangerous and unreliable witness whom, as Greenspan place it once, “pieced together a story” because “she just cannot get together again casual intercourse as one thing she might have had that night.”

It’s a complicated instance, but Ontario Superior Court Judge Ian Nordheimer — and also this is a judge-alone test, with no jury — neatly summarized the primary elements in a March ruling.

The 32-year-old girl and a gf met the 2 guys — Sikorski and Griffiths are just like different-sized variations of one another, both slim and good-looking, the previous taller and a bit heavier as compared to second — at a club on Dec. 4, 2009.

That they had some beverages and had been invited to Sikorski’s condo, where that they had more products, of which aim the lady (her identification, that way for the girl who was simply together with her that evening and that of some other who turned up from the scene, is protected) felt faint. Devamını oku