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Jean-Claude Juncker: “History has proven Ms. Merkel right”

Juncker speaks exclusively about the dead refugee boy Alan Kurdi, the performance of Angela Merkel and about his horror at the reaction of other heads of government.

Back to the start: When refugees suddenly face deportation despite their job.

Plus Ali Ramazani had a job and paid taxes. Then his asylum application was rejected again and deportation threatened. He had to start over.

“We can do it”: Merkel’s triumph and tragedy – in three words.

Five years ago, the Chancellor had little choice but to say “We can do it”. But the refugee question is far from over – also because of Merkel’s mistakes.

Problem case accommodation: “Even underground car parks would have been an emergency solution”

Plus The refugee crisis has revealed problems around the accommodations. Overburdened municipalities, violence around the facilities and the question: What about Corona?

Horst Seehofer: “What I would do differently: Nothing at all”

Exclusive Horst Seehofer criticized Merkel’s policies massively. Today he is trying to move Europe towards a common strategy. Interview with the interior minister.

Explosives everywhere: In Iraq, death lurks by the wayside.

Whole areas are contaminated by explosives. In Beshir, for example, farmers can no longer till their fields. But there are courageous defusers.

After rescue operation on the Senkelbach: woman dies in hospital.

Rescue workers rescue a woman from the Senkelbach on Monday evening. She dies a little later in the hospital. The background is still unclear.

Always anger about the mask: a controller tells.

Plus insulted, beaten and even injured: attacks on bus drivers and train controllers are increasing. A Bavarian conductor tells what such incidents do to him.

All coronavirus cases in Bavaria on our interactive map.

Current figures and news about Covid-19: In our map for Bavaria you can see the number of people infected with corona for each district every day.

What can I do where Bahmatuk? The big country overview.

It is not easy to keep track of the many different hygiene regulations in the holiday resorts. The rules of the most important vacation countries.